About Us

At Style Browz Threading Salon And Spa we offer threading services since 2012 in DFW area and it’s our first exclusive Threading and Eyelash Extension Salon with Waxing, Henna Tattoo, Eyebrow Tinting, Mink extension in Plano area. Style Browz Inc. is dedicated entirely to make you look beautiful and elegant with our services. We are extremely proud that our customers are very happy with our services.


Threading is a proven age-old form of facial hair removal practiced in India, China and Middle East, and many other counties in South East Asia. The procedure uses a cotton thread which is twisted and pulled along the skin surface of unwanted hair, lifting hair directly from the follicle. It is an art used to remove hairs from eyebrows, upper lip, chin, forehead, sideburns, and face. Since threading is a completely natural skin removal process, it works on all skin types, whether you have normal skin, normal to dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, tanned or damaged skin.

Threading may have started from Asia and Middle East like Egypt and Turkey but now it is becoming popular in Western World. Threading can be done by all genders. Threading is essential part of skin care and beauty industry.

Threading Benefits

  • Threading is 100% natural and precise way to shape eyebrows.
  • Threading is safe and inexpensive. If you compare to waxing we don’t do use any chemical while threading.
  • Threading is recommended by many dermatologists since it is not aggressive to skin.
  • Work best if you have sensitive skin.
  • Hair will growth slow as compared with other methods.
  • Threading can remove entire row of hair from follicle resulting in a straighter line and service is fast unlike tweezing where a single hair is pulled out each time.